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CarlsonR-She Used to Be Mine-A Self Port

In our past, certain events, whether our own or from those around us, come to stay with us for the rest of our lives--resting within our inner self to shape the person we become. They can ultimately become a burden or a friend.


As an artist, my art becomes less about portraying from the surface and more about confronting the interior being. The commonplace realistic scenes I present to the viewer become a way for them to connect with themselves on a deeper level, exploring the inner conflict of the self and having the viewer contemplate a memory —whether blissful or heartbreaking.

A raven sitting on the shoulder or black satin draped figure becomes an unrelenting ghost or guardian. A head wrap or silk scarf becomes compliance or protection. A simple white house becomes a prison or a home. They all come to represent shadows of the past clouding over us all. It is how we interact with these shadows that we control who we become.

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